Trella T-21 Tail Number N450C Montrose, PA

Trella T-21 Tail Number N450C

The Trella T-21 aircraft
Tail Number N450C Project

Some months ago, a friend and fellow aviator, Russ Darrow, purchased a one-of-a-kind airplane called the Trella T-21.  We moved the airplane (in pieces) to Endicott, NY's Tri Cities Airport (CZG).  The intent is to restore the Trella to as close to original as possible.  The cool thing, for me, is I get to take part in this restoration. 

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Our Last Sky Ride Day

Our last sky ride day was incredible!  We flew a total of 32 new and revisiting aviators.  We included night flights too, and the lights were spectacular!  Interested in a sky ride, or a special gift for a family member or friend?  Call us to make it happen. 570-500-2FLY

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Sky rides are FUN!!!!

Christmas Gift Ideas

The right Christmas gift for someone is sometimes a difficulty.  As an idea, maybe a gift certificate for a sky ride, a shirt, or hoodie, may be an option.  Who receives an airplane ride as a Christmas gift?  Within the next day, watch for our Christmas gift certificate and gift opportunities!

We fly out of Tri Cities Airport (CZG) located in Endicott, NY.  Sky ride area, depending upon duration, is over NY's Northern Tier, and Northeast PA.  Call us, email us, or message us on Facebook. 570-500-2FLY

Let's go flying!!!

Sky Rides

Last weekend we offered a FaceBook-only special on sky rides.  We flew 17 people over NY's Southern Tier and had a blast!!  We're offering another opportunity for special rate flying on 7 Dec.  Come fly with us!!!

Piper Cub

A friend of mine is restoring a Piper Cub.  The project began last year when the owner flew to Tri Cities Airport (CZG) in Endicott, NY.  We took the wings off the plane.  We knew we were committed when we started to remove the fabric.  A good day, and the pilot is going to be thrilled with the result!  Can't wait to aviate around the Montrose, Great Bend, and Vestal countryside!  More to follow!

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