Jonesing for Flight?

Flying in ice or
Sky ride fun?

The weather in the Endicott, NY area has been terrible for flying low-altitiude general aviation airplanes. There's ice forecasted everywhere and who wants to take their 2600-pound airplane flying to potentially have it gain about 1000 pounds with ice, just to do an off-field, heavy-weight landing?  I didn't think so.  However, as soon as the temperature gets below freezing and stays there, the J-Bird will be flying again!  Who else is Jonesing for flight?  Did you know you can chime in on these blog posts?  Sky rides start up again as soon as the weather gets frigid cold (sounds odd, doesn't it)?  In the meantime, think about those sky rides!!!


I remember rocketing through the weather (and freezing levels) to find clear skies at this altitude, and above!!

The only ice up here was in my cockpit

Let's Go Flying!!!


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