Trella T-21 Tail Number N450C Montrose, PA

The unique Trella T-21 aircraft is undergoing a major transformation from an old airplane that seemingly looked like a bucket of bolts, to a flyable aircraft restored to original.  The Trella moved from Tri-Cities Airport (CZG) located in Endicott, NY, to Montrose, PA.  Using Rod's Repair facility, Rod Hunsinger and Bob Smith have feverishly stripped the old paint from the Trella Bird.  The wings, fuselage, tail booms, and most of the trim are down to its original zinc chromate protection.  The cockpit is empty, with the exception of some nuts and other items (stowaway remnants).  The airplane is looking real again versus the tired airplane look it had only a few weeks ago.  Bob is in charge of paint stripping and Rodney is inventorying the removed items, checking for corrosion, and doing some research.  Bubba-J, at this point, is documenting the progress (smile).  The aircraft owner, and aircraft restoration guru, Russ Darrow, is going to be thrilled with Rod and Bob's progress.  Russ is not only an outstanding aviator and instructor, he's also a long-time A&P IA with incredible skills!  Russ is currently restoring a Piper Cub (will be another blog thread), but will begin tearing into the Trella in short order.  If you know of anyone considering a restoration, Russ is the answer!!

Side note: Rod's Repair, located in Montrose, PA, is where I have my vehicles serviced.  There's nothing that Rod cannot fix on a vehicle.  Rod is a military veteran, built and raced cars, is an exceptional new private pilot, and owns two experimental aircraft (one of which he's building from scratch). If you need automobile service, stop by his facility or give him a call 570-278-RODS (7637) to schedule an appointment.

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