About Bubba-J Aviation

Bubba-J Aviation Service, Inc. is a result of 26 years in the military and a desire to remain in aviation, albeit not airlines. 

It began as a young man when I had my first flight in a Cessna.  I was thrilled and it left an impression on me that I couldn't shake.  While in the USAF, I had the opportunity to go to pilot training, and my adventure continued: a very exciting history. 

Several years following military retirement, my flying itch grew so strong I couldn't contain it, and opened Bubba-J Aviation so your passion can begin.  The airplane (one for now but expect the next one will be a taildragger) is at Tri Cities Airport (CZG), located in Endicott, NY. 

It doesn't end with my passion for flying.  I enjoy being around others that share my passion.  Do you have a passion for flying? Let's Go Flying!!!

U-2 Space Suit


My Qualifications

Type rated in the B-707, A-720, and BE-1900 (all military derivative aircraft)
Military time in KC-135A/Q/R/T/RT as instructor and examiner; C-12J instructor, T-37, T-38, and finally the DragonLady (U-2S--instructor)

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